Unravel the legend of a mysterious artifact unfolding in exciting cut-scenes throughout solo adventures, fascinating group quests and a great variety of dungeons. Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure, if you are asked to bring back someone's head trust it's for good reasons.

There are many types of quests, other than storyline quests, in Revelation Online. These have color designations for player convenience.

  • Yellow - These are main storyline quests.
  • Violet - Training quests. It is recommended that beginner players pay special attention to these to master the game as quickly as possible.
  • Orange - Extra quests outside of the storyline. These enable you to obtain items that help you develop your character (for example, new fury skills or experience stones).
  • Blue - Orders from faction representatives. You can earn relevant reputation points for performing most of these.
  • Green - Daily and Weekly repeatable quests.