Every night, one guild has a right to challenge another to a fight. But war is not free! You’ll have to spend 200.000 of your guild funds to challenge another guild. The guild that accepts the challenge can choose one of these options:

  • To fight in a 50x50 battle
  • To fight in a 30х30 battle
  • To surrender: Not prepared for the fight or not up to it? Just decline the offer and secretly prepare to be ready for the next challenge!

When participating in a guild war, the characters receive a special mark that will be displayed by their name. They can then face their opponents in a special instance, by teleporting via the guild interface.

Many communities would like to have more characters in a battle. In the game, you can often find large-scale battles where guilds fight each other with no participant limit. But these individually organized battles can no longer happen in cities, which are considered battle-free zones.

Still, Revelation Online offers enough large locations to display the prowess of your guild. For example, there is a mystical island where whole hordes of monsters appear during the night. Over 500 at once may participate in the event and fight against them! Everybody will receive their own individual reward for defeating the monsters. But you must be especially careful: there are no penalties for killing other players here, which means that your rival players will jump at the opportunity of stopping you. Under the cover of darkness, the island turns into a dangerous place where everybody fights each other. By defeating the monsters and completing special quests, your character will earn Favor of the faction inhabiting the island. Every week members of that faction will determine the guild that contributed most to their fight. That guild will become an owner of the island for the following week.