A guild is a social system in Revelation Online which allows you to socialize with other players. In Revelation Online Wikia we allow players to create pages for their guild as long as they keep to the following rules:

Proper Format:

  • A neat and organized page
  • Titled correctly
  • Easy to navigate through
  • Must have 'GuildPage:' inserted before the guild name. (eg. the guild name is 'RevOnline, then the page must be called 'GuildPage:RevOnline')
  • Must be included in the category 'Guild Page'.


  • Only guild members are allowed to edit the page, unless it is an admin
  • No vandalizing or spamming
  • Must have a detailed description

If you are new to wiki codes, contact our admins for help.

When you are ready to create a guild page, click add page at the top right or insert your guild name below:

NOTE: All guild pages which violate these rules will be deleted.