They say that Foxes are the most ancient people of this world. Not that they look it. Foxes are eternally young and beautiful creatures, real wargs. They all can transform into animals and they train strenuously to perfect their skill since they are little. These nine-tailed warriors only differ from humans in appearance with their big fox ears. Although, if you talk to a Fox once, you will never again confuse their manner of speech with anyone.

Foxes wield a special kind of magic. Every adventurer will have felt the effects of their sleeping spells at least once. Although they might not have remembered that in the morning. Foxes love to pull tricks and jokes like that sometimes they would enchant a traveler just out of boredom. No need to be afraid, though: these creatures are inherently benevolent and wish no evil to strangers.


Young Foxes live in a small village nearby the Immortal Annex. There, they learn the basics of magic and study the art of transformation under the watchful eyes of their attentive mentors. Grown Foxes set out to the Nimbus Keep. Should you happen to be passing by, remember to pay those creatures a visit. It's quite interesting to observe their everyday life. Ancient magic, riches, luxury—all that inspires awe and consuming envy. One thing is certain: Foxes can hardly leave anyone unmoved.

By increasing your Favor with that faction you will be able to obtain cute accessories that will help you feel like a proper Fox warg.