Elemental BrawlerEdit

This is the first boss of Tower of Pain raid.


Elemental Brawler

When you enter the room with the boss, there will be 1 wine jar on each side of the room, one is an HP buff for the boss and another one is an ATTACK buff, breaking them will reduce the boss to 50% HP and greatly reduce his damage.


This boss has similar appearance and mechanics of the boss from Oneiric Trials. the main attacks are:

  • Gliding (Followed by a low kick + strong melee attack): He will rush towards someone and do a low kick, knocking players and nearby players within 3 meters, followed by a strong melee attack that can kill dpsers
  • Box (same as Occultist): He will box someone into a box, making them unable to walk and will take reduced damage, but won't make them invulnerable, he often does one Energy Ball after locking someone into the box, make sure you use your CC Break skills to avoid it.
  • Energy Balls: He will shout something and will keep shooting energy balls at players, they do heavy damage, make sure to dodge them by side-stepping.
  • Tanukis: The boss will spawn four mobs around the circle in the middle of the room. Upon death, they will drop a barrier reducing damage taken to anyone inside. These should be used to prevent some of the damage of Ball Shower. They can be pulled together, forming a stronger barrier.
  • Ball Shower: He will jump to the sky and will do a full map ball shower, dealing a high amount of damage.



The Vanguard should save his Holy Vortex, until the Tanukis spawn, and then pull the Tanukis together using holy vortex. This makes the barrier before the ball shower much stronger, giving your healers an easy time.

Melee Characters (Including the tank)Edit

When the boss uses his Energy Balls these can easily be dodged by standing very close to the boss since the ball spawns a few meters away from the boss.