Fly to fabled places in which you will always find new friends to storm a myriad of dungeons located in caves, blighted deserts and realms of eternal shadow. Gather your group of 5 or 10 to overcome obstacles and defeat the bosses within to be awarded with glory and unique outfits.

The most dangerous monsters always hide in the dungeons! Adventurers wanting to challenge monsters and receive worthy rewards for doing so should head there. Regular dungeons are aimed at 5 players: a tank, healer and three characters, whose main objective is to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. You can enter the dungeon by using the search engine or by simply approaching the portal (this method suits those who want to complete the mission in a smaller group).

The first five-player dungeon will become available at level 20. It has two difficulty levels and heroes can expect two major bosses inside. But this is just to get you ready - as you enhance your character you will get access to new, more difficult dungeons and modes. There are five main difficulty levels: easy, hard, heroic, deadly and epic. However, there are some extra deeds within some of them so for certain dungeons the amount of different modes could even reach as high as ten!

Difficulty modes have a major impact on the tactics for getting through a dungeon, adding new mechanics. Bosses will not just get stronger - heroes can expect additional obstacles and traps, as well as the fearsome abilities of the opponents themselves. So for a cohesive group, any trip to the dungeon in a new mode will be an interesting and entertaining challenge.