The fight for one of the guild strongholds in Nuanor can become massive in scale. Literally thousands of players can take defensive positions on the ramparts or assault the forts shoulder to shoulder with friends. Fight for the glory and prestige of your guild and wave your banner on your conquered castle.

Gameplay Edit

There are 12 locations controlled by guilds: 3 castles and 9 additional lands. They include an underwater castle, a floating castle (it can only be attacked by using aerial combat), and many others which are placed in unique locations. You have to account for the layout of the land while conducting a siege. That is why you will have to use different strategies and tactical tricks for different locations.

The sieges are held every week. Sieges are held in an open world, and the number of characters is only limited by the size of the game server. Battles may include up to several thousand players! If needed, all players may participate in the battle by entering a special zone. To capture a castle you must destroy a special crystal in the center of the castle and replace it with a new one that belongs to the attackers.

The winners will be rewarded not only by glory and fame but by an opportunity to place the banner of their guild in the city. Depending on the importance of the captured base, the members of the guild will receive a special reward that every character chooses for themselves. All guilds that own castles will have a chance to fight the most dangerous boss out in the open world.