Level 40+ characters may fight in arenas and battlefields. Arenas are available in a 3х3 mode, and battlefields are available in 10х10, 20х20, and 30х30 modes. You can queue up for a battle individually and in previously assembled groups. The system matches you with enemies in a 10 level range. In other words, you will see level 40–49, 50–59, 60–69, and 70–79 characters fighting together on the battlefield. 

10х10 battles will be held in a separate PvPvE zone. The battles go on for 30 minutes or until one of the teams earn 100 points. You can earn points for killing other players and various monsters inhabiting the location. At the end, the players receive additional rewards for fulfilling special conditions. For example, there is a reward for best healing and for the highest kill count. And 20х20 and 30х30 battles are held in a King of the Hill mode, where the opposing teams have to hold certain points. Participating in such battles will earn characters honor that they can spend on special PvP equipment and other useful items. 

The bravest warriors that dare fight everybody on their own can also compete for a unique Death title. To earn it, a character has to become victorious in a mortal combat of 10 heroes, each fighting for their life with no allies. The winners will be transferred to the next stage, where they will meet other survivors. And this will go on till there’s only one left. And it will be they who receive the title and the glory of the champion.

3v3 ArenaEdit

This is a 3v3 arena that is ranked by seasons. Each season will consist of 3 months. Every day, registration will be opened. Press H to register. The top 16 teams will be invited to participate in a tournament style competition with brackets of 59 and 69 at the end of each season. The tournament will be on broadcast.

Ranking is based on rating:
3v3 Arena Ranking